The Real Reason Guys Sexualize Female Combatants

Scantily clad women in physical fight to establish a winner and a loser

Why don’t women seem to like each other?  Why Can’t women back each other up like men support each other?

“Women spend more time together than guys do.”  That’s what a male associate of mine told me today.  I was marveling about how guys can work together and not fight the way women do.  He said the reason for that is that guys cooperate at a distance. They do not hang out with each other  beyond what is needed to get the job done.  When guys hang out together the vibe changes from cooperation to defining positions, namely who claims the spot of the alpha male.  If there is any competition for that spot there is trouble.  But guys like to rule their own kingdom without another male present.  He told  me guys are like lions, one male to a pride.  Women on the other hand, crave togetherness, sisterhood, bonding.  Even if they cannot trust someone else because they are too damaged by the world, the craving for that deep best friend bond remains.  Women spend time together and when they do there is ample opportunity for fights when the women learn very well that they do not like the other woman after all.

Women look for outside validation

If men jockey for position within the group, and settle it within the group, then women are the opposite.  They want someone on the outside looking in to say what they see, and ideally, they want that outside viewer to validate the correct side.  If there are any men around when women are fighting, women will always go to them for a verdict.  Even if the guy is dating one of the women, if that woman is so unreasonable it is obvious, the friend will appeal to her boyfriend.  Not necessarily to steal the boyfriend away, although that might be a possible motive, but to get the boyfriend to say the girlfriend is being ridiculous.  The girlfriend feels he should side with her out of loyalty, logic be damned.  Efforts to secure a referee are total failures, no matter who the guys accompany.

Guys Cannot Hear Enraged Women

Women may sound forceful within our heads, but what guys hear when women yell is closer to the sound of gabbling geese.  Loud women do not command respect from men.  Yelling for any reason is perhaps the worse way to get a man to pay attention to you.  Your voice is irritating and he tunes you out.  I do not mean this figuratively, but literally.  Men do not actually hear women yelling.  Something in their brains tunes out the sound.  They could not say who was in the wrong because they were not listening.  They do not want to say who was in the wrong because they learn that no matter what they say they will be the ones in the hot seat.  If he sided with the right person, he will be scolded for being to slow to leap to her defense, or she will find his support lackluster.  When the woman is mad, he is in trouble. Men learn that from their mothers.  It is believed that angry women transport men back to the time when a woman ruled them and they were utterly powerless against this goddess.  Whatever the guy did to appease or avoid his angry mother is what he will do when faced with angry women as an adult. That’s all a guy needs to know to take refuge inside of his head.  It is inside of his head that he activates that part of his brain that makes him feel powerful. Men do not dominate their mothers.  They dominate the women they have sex with.  They prefer overpowering women and staying away from feeling like a child.  That is why men look at fighting women as females on display for their sexual voyeurism.  It is much more comfortable for them to see women and again, there is no need to hear them, because whatever the women are saying is nothing that has any sex appeal.


Women Think They Are Making a Point

Hand to hand female fights with a winner and loser in cartoon imagery
The artist is male. His version of women fighting is a sexualized view. A female version would show the victor proving her point and being acknowledged for doing so by the observers.  When the fight is over she will go to the guy and repeat, yet again, what she had to say.  He will nod and smile as if he is hearing it again when in reality he is not even listening to the repetition.  He enjoyed what he saw and he does not want to go back to the time when a woman’s words mattered in his life and there was nothing he could do about it.

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