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Hawaii Police Join the Nation in Shooting an Unarmed Black Man to Death

I spoke too soon when I wrote they don’t kill black people in Hawaii. In a disturbing trend, Hawaii  joined other states this week when the police killed an unarmed African man. They said he “charged” at the officers, “seriously injuring” one officer. They tased him but it was “ineffective.”  They shot him 3 times when he started to “charge” another officer. For reasons we do not know he had stopped at a neighbor’s house. He had taken off his shoes, which is the custom here. Why did the neighbor call the police to report him as a burglar when he took of his shoes the way people do once invited in. The placement of the shoes, which are probably slippers, is extremely important. People kick off their slippers outside the door when the door is opened or they take them off inside on e they cross the threshold.  You never walk inside with dirty slippers. He was invited in. The 29 year old widow said he did not know those neighbors but in his native South Africa a person can go to any neighbor’s house any time of the day or night and expect to be invited in. That’s how the Zulu people are with each other. He was a prince in Zulu culture and he had competed in South African “American Idol.” He never wanted to come to the United States but thus white wife was born and raised in Hawaii. She had been on a Christian mission in South Africa, net him there and brought him here where he was shot to death while unarmed. The widow, with two toddlers said his family had expected her to keep him safe. I presume she meant from racism.  She thought things were Om in Hawaii. As my previous controversial post said in Hawaii they might hate us but do not kill us. Women here have more to fear from rampant domestic violence than we black people do. That statement got me banned from Reddit’s Hawaii community. Maybe BC evidently I was wrong.

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