Do you have more faith in Amazon than Gid?

Have faith! In everything I did to seek healing for myself I learned quite a bit about spirituality and a whole lot of questions. How exactly do I accomplish the spiritual tasks set before me? We hear that all the time. But we are seldom told how to have faith. I hear something I have to pass on to you in the form of faith instructions. We have more faith in deliveries from Amazon than you do in God, in yourself? When you order something from Amazon don’t you believe you’re going to get it? You stop shopping for the item. You make room for it. You haven’t gotten it yet but in your heart you have it. And so too, with prayer. You treat your prayers as though the answer is in the mail. You pray for your goals and you believe they will happen. Meanwhile you keep doing the work of making room for that literal or figurative trophy. If you don’t get the package, you do not give up on the system entirely with a bow to never order anything again. You go about making the delivery happen by correcting the problem. Never does your belief in the possibility of getting the delivery waiver. If you know how to expect a package in the mail you know the steps to take to have faith.

Remember, prayers are like Amazon deliveries. They will happen though not always how we expect. We may have to fix some glitches. Nevertheless the system works and you will get your order, therefore act accordingly.


Published by Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.

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