Angelina and Brad Brave Criticism to support their trans teen: see link

Brad and Angelina let the kid try out different roles

why do people criticize parents for “letting” kid be trans

I have read a lot of critical comments directed at celebrities who allow their kids to be photographed while they are dressed in the traditional clothing of the opposite sex. Photo shoots are just about the only thing you can control as a parent. Why do people not remember that no amount of effort on the part of parents ever made gay kids straight? Gay people ended up dying because they were murdered by bigots and still, the very possible threat of death did not scare anyone straight. Let’s forget about hypothetical threats and focus upon actual dire consequences for being gay. Ostracism, social death, being cut out of the family inheritance–none of these methods succeeded in stamping out people’s willingness to be openly gay. Homosexuality did not disappear. Of course we know people closeted, or people lied to themselves. I know someone who was married to a person of the opposite sex who believed they just were not into sex. They told themselves sex was no big deal for them. Take it or leave it. Whatever. Somehow they ended up having an encounter with someone they truly desired and the light bulb went on. They understood why they were practically indifferent to what people killed one another to obtain. A still small voice whispered that they had known it all along. The problem had not been sex. The problem had been having sex with the opposite sex. The truth never went away.

Who are we kidding when we think we “let” someone do something.

I applaud the celebrities who brave the critics who cry “child abuse!” BC they do not make their children conform under duress. My opponents might counter with, “would you let your kids steal? Or is it abusive to make kids conform to the law under duress?” I say to you, that is an excellent point and you made me think. After much contemplation I remain convinced you cannot control or change anyone. My answer remains the same. You cannot make anyone do anything. You can only counsel them about the likely consequences of their chosen path. The only thing you can make someone do is pretend to go along with you while they sneak around behind your back.

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This has more to do with Angelina then Brad; he has a better concept of self then she does.
That the child’s behavior was normal for his age. I’ve seen boys of pre-teenage years play with dolls, which have more to do with wanting to bond and play with their sisters; or even put on their Mother’s lipstick and wig, or play dress up in girl
s clothing. It doesn’t mean they want or feel like being a female. Curiosity, or a feeling that females receive more attention from parents then boys get.
These people took it a step further, giving hormonal treatment, encouraging dressing and grooming as the opposite sex. Being conditioned that he is a girl.
The don’t even consider who the child is sexual attracted too. Will Angelina be disappointed if the child starts dating females? Will she regret that she encouraged the child in their formative years that he is a female instead of leaving the child to take his own road.
Given that Angelina’s own choice in sexual partners; does she want to be considered a male or female on any given day? She is now imposing her confusion of self on her child
Only time will tell to see how this plays out….I hope the child won’t be psychologically mess up too much


Did they give hormones to a minor? I thought that didn’t hapoen


Yes, it is controversial, that’s why most people say a minor should not choose gender. Who knows how they would feel by the time they become 16.
Indeed Angelina gave the minor hormonal; look at the appearance it is obvious


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