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I am now a Quora writer; this is my 1st contribution on anger

Answer to What was the biggest mistake you’ve made when you were mad? by Renee Randee

I used to have problems with what I call destruction of property relapses. When I was enraged I used to destroy my own property. I ripped up my dollar allowance as a 5 year old, destroyed a precious doll at age 7. As a 19 year old in college I destroyed posters a friend had given me as a gift. In my 30’s a hurled several cell phones to the ground, threw dishes that shattered against walls. I destroyed things I valued and always regretted both the clean up and the loss. I have not had a “destruction of property “relapse in years because I have not felt all encompassing rage that I am desperate to stop feeling. “Blowing off steam” only reinforces anger.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.

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I used to throw my golf club after I made a bad shot until a friend asked me why I got mad? I was mad because so many times I’ve hit that shot so much better. He pointed out that having bad shots is just a normal part of a game. Since realizing that, I don’t throw clubs anymore. Besides, it scared my golf partners.


I was re reading comments and I was inspired in a new way by something you wrote about understanding bad shots are normal. Look for a post to come with that theme: the normality of mistakes


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