Purpose of this blog

What is the purpose of stories about Harvard Elite to the Street? An update

I am here to enlighten, encourage and even entertain in a way that causes thinking people to self evaluate and expand their minds

In February you asked for more info about the writing I am doing. I have settled on a new name for this blog: Hawaii Street Life: sexy, witty inside view by Harvard Grad in Hawaii streets.  Hawaii Street Life was accepted on May 23, 2021 as a space on Quora. So I am now an official contributor on Quora who gets asked questions, can answer any question on the site and post original content.  I saw the space on Quora called Life Behind Bars with hundreds of thousands of readers. I decided to apply as a contributor and I was accepted. We shall see how posting this blog’s content on Quora will impact my work and hopefully, my life as an eventual thought influencer.
This blog translates my unusual time off-track into meaningful content for everyday people with regular lives. My content encourages, educates, informs and even entertains. High quality writing is not the norm for subject matter that can be borderline adult (my content is appropriate for most audiences.) An intellectual work is not what people expect from a black lady who has had experiences with homelessness and addiction. I am being brutally honest. One purpose of the blog is to shatter stereotypes people have likely associated with people similarly situated.  I am never what they expect and my use of words, aside from the message, causes thinking people to self examine and expand their minds.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.