White Men Have it Hard Too

White men say they experience a special kind of racism that many people don’t know about. It is harder for them to get a leg up BC people don’t want to help them when they are down. It is assumed they have had every advantage, at everyone else’s expense. One white man told me that people only like white men when they are emasculated and the absolute opposite of aggressive. Doormats, really. People fear that white men–who have caused every atrocity in the history of the world–will be up to their old tricks and somehow start oppressing. Homeless white men talk of being accosted by Hawaiians who angrily accuse them of taking native Hawaiian land. “You stole my land!” Some of the most down and out white guys in the history of white guys have heard this accusation many times. Some might find this post insulting but I am not trying to diminish anyone’s suffering. Believe me I know racism. I also know there is a burden in being labelled the perennial bad guy. In fact, some of the actors who played villains in blockbuster movies and TV shows like Karate Kid and Little House on the Prairie, did experience anger directed at them and they were just acting. What do you think? Is there pain in being human no matter who you are? I am sure billionaires suffer unique ill’s too. That is not making light of poverty. Do you believe those who have it all BC they stole it all (so it is said) have pain in the aspersions cast about them?

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