Money Laundering Post Covid

Today when I think if laundering money that is dirty I think of the germiness of bills. When you deal with people who get their money by hook or by crook the actual bills are literally dirty. I once heard a drugdealer berate a man for coming to her with 80 one dollar bills. He got the money by panhandling in the street. You know those guys holding signs saying things like “will work for food”? That was his “hustle.” If a person is out there for 8 hours it is possible to make two to three hundred a day. Not just dollar bills but tens and twenties. In this particular case he happened to have a wad if ones with three five dollar bills mixed in. She was furious. How was she going to stash this large amount in her underwear

The response: you should not have to hide money in your underwear in your own place. The retort: you were the one who taught me people staying here will steal. The solution: Clean the bills with hand sanitizer or even soap and water. Money is not paper and can get wet. There you have it–money laundering.

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