Geriatric Hookers–Aging, Addiction, and Sex Work

Dealing with death and disability is something you never contemplate as a young person, especially as a young person running the streets of Honolulu. There were challenges but admittedly there was a lot of fun. None of the fun included preparing for the future. Caroleena has been fortunate enough to get off the streets, but she goes back because those are the only people she has and many of them are aging, sickening, and have died. What is she supposed to do for people, like her, who have no one else to care about them? No one thinks of geriatric hookers but this might very well have to change because not every addict dies young.

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

Thursday, July 22, 2021, 11:33 p.m., Honolulu, Hawaii

Remember Winona, age 60 something? She might have had a stroke

I say “might” because when she was stricken with whatever made her seriously ill, she only stayed in the hospital a day and a half and left against medical advice. It is not unusual for people with addictions to leave the hospital in search of dope downtown. Queens Hospital is near downtown Honolulu, and they get a lot of street people looking for a place to sleep or presenting with self inflicted (and therefore “unworthy”) medical issues from doing drugs like skin abscesses or inflammation of the valves of the heart from bacteria introduced into the body by the needle pushing it beneath the skin. Most addicts do not swab their arms or wherever they are shooting dope. The staff at Queens is so hostile to addicts that, in my humble…

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