The most popular women’s sports sexualized women the most

Within the embedded link you will find a story about female gymnasts demanding a choice uniform to include a “unitard” more like the men’s more modest outfit.

July 29, 2021

Our most famous female athletes are, in my opinion, gymnasts and figure skaters. No other women’s sports get the prime time television exposure like gymnastics and figure skating. Of course the icons of the sports are accomplished. There are no other sports that have as many recognizable names because they do not get the same exposure. I know Venus Williams but I only just heard of Naomi Osaka, who gave up American citizenship to represent Japan in tennis at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games. That is the extent of my tennis knowledge. But I know other names from the present and the past: Dorothy Hamill, Nadia Comenici, Katerina Witt, Mary Lou Retton, Simone Biles. Great athletes in tiny outfits. Can America and the world appreciate a female athlete if she is wearing something more substantial than what’s described as “bikini cut” gymnastic outfits. Figure skating is similar to gymnastics in that the sport does not require women to wear such skimpy garments in order to perform. The men do not :wear skimpy garments. Now there are female gymnasts speaking out and demanding a choice in attire. The question of public interest is hard to answer. Is the public interested because of the outfits or are the outfits designed to draw the interest. Probably both. I have learned that it is common for men to regard women in a sexualized fashion, even if only for a mili-second. Dressing up little girls to appeal to sexual desire does not help our cause as women and it does not keep us safe. Would that pervy national gymnastics doctor have molested all of the gymnasts if they were dressed differently? Probably. Putting the girls and women in that light surely did not help.

By the way, Naomi Osaka is on the cover if Sports Illustrated. It is either the swimsuit edition or an edition done to emulate the swimsuit edition. Maybe women have to be sex objects first before they get anywhere in the sports world. When we have a female vice president? The more things change the more they stay the same.

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