Addiction and Prostitution in Hawaii

Honolulu street sex workers have life partners and partners in crime

Surprised sex workers have boyfriends? You should not be surprised, especially if she is on the street. Let me be perfectly clear so I do not get criticized for playing into stereotypes and over generalizing. Not all sex workers are addicts. There are women, and men, who find the advantages of sex work over, say, food service or retail clothing, both of which offer long, hard regular hours and low pay without conferring much social status. If a woman (or man) does not mind hiding her job she can make her own, very short hours, and enjoy the freedom results from having more money and time.. It does not take an addiction to encourage this choice. But for people on the street, they almost always have tales of addiction or mental illness or both. When you do what you must to get drugs you know others do the same. People know these sex workers have zero interest in the people they use to get what they need. Therefore men who are often addicts know these guys usually are not a threat to their positions w/ his sig. other. The smart women do not tell the guys who pick them up they do drugs. Once a date knows that for sure, her value diminishes, plus he knows she will likely take as little as $20 for a “car date” on the side of a secluded road. Boyfriends are not jealous but eager for the women to get dates and return with money for them both. The boyfriend knows in order for his girlfriend to be herself she has to get rid of the date as fast as possible so she, well, they, can get high. The relationships are more complex than simple predator prey victimizations, however, as two damaged people become codependent. It is nice to have someone to be out there with but I had a friend who encouraged different thinking. My friend who had been a medic in Vietnam said I could do bad all by myself. What did I need a man for if all he could do was find cardboard for us to sleep on during the few hours between 11p.m. and 5 a.m. the Honolulu Police Department allows the homeless to lie down on the streets if downtown Honolulu. I see now he wanted me to come to his place. He has been gone since 2014 and this is a nice memory. But I digress..

Partners in crime

Often the two will work together to steal from unsuspecting outsiders. You can tell there is a team effort when the couple makes a big show of fighting all the time. Outsiders would not suspect one is distracting while the other is stealing their stuff BC all they do is fight! Do not believe one partner who says it is the other one. At the very least theft was condoned. More likely, both were in on the plan.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.