These women get punched on tv (w/link to YouTube video)

Once you make an observation, whatever you noticed will be so obvious it will seem like a caricature

You will ask yourself how you failed to notice these patently obvious observations before. Obvious observations–those words must be related. Read on to find out the women you will see taking a beating on tv, should the story call for violence against women. Same holds true for Netflix programs. Ever see:

Pay attention to something when you listen to the narration in documentaries about drug use. When white drug users are discussed, there is a mention of their trauma, their psychological issues, how anyone can empathize with them. There will be at least a mention of one or more if these factors. When black drug users are described there will be at least a mention of black criminality, community problems, how they are an example of the hopelessness that is the only way reasonable people can feel when contemplating black humanity. Think I am exaggerating? If you doubt me scan some videos on YouTube and you will hear it. You won’t hear these points hammered home. Just a mention. Subtle, very subtle, indoctrination. The subtle is only subtle until you spot it. Then it is blaring.

Another thing,, while we are on the subject of black actors departing movies at the outset… Yes, black actors are the first to exit from horror movies, and I have seen early exits from other genres. For example, many of you have seen the movie Coyote Ugly, I am sure. Did you know Tyra Banks is in the movie. She makes an early exit from the group of dancers to go to law school. Similarly, the late great Bernie Mac is in Ocean’s 11, but not for long!

The last frequent observation I want to share: I noticed this year is that whenever the movie calls for a woman to be killed, hurt, hit, etc…that violence happens to black actresses. Once you see it, you will wonder how you missed it.

Would it matter to viewers if the unseen victim in linked YouTube video was black, white, or whatever?

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