HAWAII is one of the richest states? Property values don’t tell you how people live. What’s the linked article talking about? Must be really wealthy people bringing up the median income.

It is hard to survive in Hawaii for regular people

When they figure out how rich a state is they must consider property values. Land is worth a lot over here. Wealthy people live within sight of other wealthy people on the island of Oahu. No big palatial estates on acres of land? Not even for most of the wealthy. Or so it seems to me? An outsider looking in. Houses are expensive and lots of people are poor. How can that be? Land is owned by non residents and I do not know the numbers but more people rent than own. When I was growing up on Long Island everyone seemed to be in families that owned their home. When I met the rare child of divorce living with mom in an apartment, that was weird. Over here that’s the way it us. People who own the properties divide the houses up into teensy rooms. Once I saw someone offering to rent out the pantry. I kid you not. Another landlord made an imaginary circle with his arms to indicate the dimensions of a space that was arm’s length. He explained that was about the size of the space where one woman, in his words, eked out a spot, on the living room floor. The guy was renting a pat h of floor for $399. I know he would always have a tenant. People are grateful to have a place where they are entitled to sit. Downtown there are storage areas in the Chinese businesses of Chinatown. They are big enough to lie down if you are less than six feet tall and bend at the waist. They do not always have proper doors but have a piece of wood Covering the opening. The resident can squeeze in from the outdoor marketplace onto their palette. If this is one of the richest states we must have a lot of one per centers. That explains why we are #1 in property crimes. The poor steal from each other bc it’s not like there are rich people in their midst. Families live in tents from one generation to the next. They run extension cords to power sources, if possible. Dealers might have expensive electronics within their tents. And it’s normal bc whatever a person sees becomes normal, even permissible, no matter how a person vows to grow up snd never live in a tent. People live in poverty snd there’s no shame. Snd yet there’s no way to purchase a property, even a trendy studio, for less than half a million dollars. No wonder drugs are rampant (crystal meth or “ice” is #1 here. It’s the only luxury or adventure or entertainment people can afford. They don’t want more, people here, bc they don’t see more. Anyone who maintains an apartment in their name is a huge success in a significant portion of the population. Drugs go on bc there’s little peer pressure or competition. If I could’ve turned a blind eye to my memory of what I had expected of myself long ago, I never would have changed.

The people who live here are poor and own nothing. They live in million dollar homes sectioned into 11 or so apartments where the poor are crammed while the rich property owners live elsewhere. Hawaii is owned by absent parties

Caroleena, commenting about a state where people feel successful if they make it through the requirements to receive and maintain food stamps.

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