Find a grave is a site that sells mug so why can’t I?

I wondered if I could do a t-shirt and/or mug that would capture the spirit of my mission in a way that is appropriate and does not lose the zing of my mission to share what I have learned as an elite on the street with everyone I meet. How about: “Street Life Hacks–tips/tricks of the street wise for everyday people.”?

Find a grave is a site I joined without remembering that I joined during the fog of grief after the 2017 death of my significant other. The mission is to allow people to see the final resting places of loved ones in far away cemeteries. You take a picture that’s requested by someone and it is your hope that someone will take a picture for you if you request. Or there does not have to be reciprocity. You can just go to the cemetery and take the picture. In gifted and talented class in elementary school I remember going on a field trip to a cemetery with graves dating back to the 1800’s. We did rubbings of the face of the headstone with a paper and the side of a crayon. That is how I know that it is not unusual for people to visit cemeteries for reasons that are not necessarily grim, but educational. Plus they are quiet places. No crime. Very restful, even for the living. I do find the t shirt and mug strange, but that is me. If they can have a cemetery gift shop of sorts then so can I. I thought about it before but never went through with the idea but I would like a t shirt for myself even if no one else buys one. I will keep you posted on the status of merchandise acquisition.

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