Cold Turkey Sobriety Can KILL–One Surprising Thing in linked article y

I Never Knew

It is always interesting to me how real life differs from preconceived notions. Each time my imagination is off the mark I am reminded of my need to remind myself that I don’t always know what I am talking about and that ignorance might be deadly. For example, I thought quitting–anything–was difficult bc the mind fixates and it is necessary to break the fixation. If obsessions were easily mastered they wouldn’t be called obsessions.

I was wrong

I did not know that going cold turkey from alcohol can kill. It is really sad that people end up unwittingly killing themselves when they are struggling, and suffering, to do the best thing for themselves and their health. Cold turkey is total abstinence, zero consumption. When it comes to alcohol, that shock to the body is too much. In fact, once a person is physically addicted, withdrawal always involved physical suffering. People say opioid withdrawal won’t kill a person but I would best that more research will show that’s not true. When a person gets so very sick it is the body screaming for help. Is there a solution?

Some think suffering through withdrawal is good. It is not.

People have said suffering is a fitting punishment for people whose addictions have caused so much suffering for other people. They deserve it, those addicts. Besides, maybe if people know about the withdrawal they won’t start using. In truth the only thing withdrawal hinders us the willingness for the addict to attempt sobriety. Absolutely no one thinks their using will get out of hand. Everyone plans to keep things under control and not get physically addicted. That’s always the plan. Pretty much does not happen. If addicts had that kind of control there’d be no addiction. There is no need to suffer. A doctor who does not view addiction as a sin that deserves punishment will direct the addict to the proper medically assisted detox. I repeat: No addict has to suffer to achieve sobriety. Do not listen to anyone, no matter how medically qualified, who frames detox as a form of penance.

Find a medical provider who does not view addiction as a sin and suffering as well deserved penance and start medically supervised detox. You don’t have to suffer. It might kill you.

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