I am a hypocrite. I was the last to know.

I was about to write a scathingly critical review of an article I read when a “Eureka!” moment. That’s not to say the article wasn’t ridiculous bc it was. First of all the title implies we are about to find out something racist someone of importance said about Meghan Markle’s royal baby. By American cultural standards the baby would be considered black bc no mater what he looks like, he has African in his genes. In other words one of his parents–mom, is part black–she is a quarter black. This unscientific lineage delegation began when people wanted to enslave as many people as possible. “Don’t think you’re free bc your daddy and granddaddy’s on both sides are white. You’re my son and my property,” a slaveowner might have said to his offspring. After slavery “having black blood” meant you were sent to the “colored” side of life. It was fascinating to learn about the landmark Supreme Court case that established “separate but equal” as the precedential ruling from 1897 until 1954 when it was overturned. In the Plessy v Ferguson case the plaintiff had originally included in his argument that since he was only one eighth black and could “pass” for white he shouldn’t have been asked to leave the whites only” section of the passenger train. The Supreme Court rejected that argument and we seldom read about that aspect of the case, even those of us who study black history.

I was going to use my response as a history lesson to demonstrate the interest in skin color that the other author assumed did not exist. There were names that indicated how much “black blood” a person had. Mulatto–half black. Quadroon-quarter black. Octoroon-one eighth. I can’t remember the one sixteenth and one thirty second names. I’m writing on the fly and can’t google the reference so itsy bitsy details could benefit from your verification. People were very much concerned with skin color, and still are. When the article stated that most black people wouldn’t think about the color of the royal baby but that’s not true. Moreover the author meant to convey that the person of importance who said people would wonder about the child,’s skin color and appearance was racist. First of all, that’s not true. This black person is curious to see the baby. It’s not keeping me up at night but I am mildly surprised the royal family would allow a black woman to marry in and alter the gene pool. Maybe they are tired of passing along inbred weaknesses. Maybe the United States is way more racist than other places. I don’t know. But I do know that the author had a lot of nerve speaking for most black people. The tone of the writing indicated the author did not expect black readers. It’s always fascinating to read what people say about black people when they think no one is around.

I had mapped out one my diatribes that is so interesting to me but never gets a lot of views. I was in a proper huff when it hit me. Eureka! I make general statements about men, women, the elite, the underclass, the list goes on and on. I’m a total stereotyper bc I think I have met so very many people. Statistically, when the number of people I have met is compared to the numbers that exist, I haven’t met anyone. My level of knowledge compared to all there is to know–negligible. How often am I a hypocrite without knowing it. If I don’t know myself, who am I to talk about others? Yes, I will keep giving my opinions but know that it is possible that I am exactly what I hate. How trippy!

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