Honolulu guys who paid for intimacy in the year 2000 were normals. Weirdos were unusual.


Who would have thought that everyday regular guys would frequent downtown Honolulu where easy intimacy was always for sale? 24/7, with a few hours off on Superbowl Sunday. Everyday regular guys would’ve known that interest in hookers is unspoken but as coming as watching internet porn in most spare online moments.. Regular guys do NOT share the widespread interest in downtown Honolulu services (we are talking circa 2000) with the people in their lives. Ironically, everyday regular guys figure that many others in their lives share that secret, but they can’t chance mentioning that secret. Why? Bc guys will lie, not bc they think they are the only ones who want no-strings-attached sex–probably the only way that NSA sex can really happen, outside of fantasy.

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