Are you smart enough to be an escort? Here’s a test.

Intelligence can be a factor

Have you think you have heard it all? I promise I can surprise you. How? I know you will never guess the strangest request ever made of a sex worker. Right now you are letting your mind go wild, trying to come up with the most unlikely, bizarre set up. The truth is both mundane and stranger than fiction.

The strangest request

One sex worker shared that the client used to like watching while she went on the computer…and took IQ tests. Yes, that’s right, he liked watching her answer the questions on these tests. There were tests with written instructions. Other tests were supposed to be non-culturally specific by asking the tester to figure out puzzles that were purely pictures and no words. At this point there’d be a robust discussion of the possibility or impossibility of having a test that is not culturally biased. After all, there is inherent cultural bias in the notion of putting pen to paper to answer questions not at all related to what is, allegedly being measured (intelligence, potential, etc…). After taking one or more tests the provider watched while he graded the tests. She suspected he bumped her score up to 142 bc she had never scored above 135.

After he was done grading the test, the client–a psychologist, would sigh and remark with satisfaction: you’re so…smart.

A sample question

Here is one of the questions that appeared on an IQ test. Let’s see how you do:

A is to 1, as C is to 3, as E is to ?

Introductory question for an IQ test used by a client/psychologist to measure his provider’s IQ, ac cording to standard prac to ce

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