“Honolulu police target gambling in residential areas | Honolulu Star-Advertiser.” I’m told game rooms are EVERYWHERE!

“Honolulu police target gambling in residential areas | Honolulu Star-Advertiser” https://www.staradvertiser.com/2021/10/22/hawaii-news/police-target-gambling-in-residential-areas/amp/

Honolulu’s residential areas are different from the suburban neighborhood of my NY childhood

I grew up on Long Island, New York, an hour outside of The City. Officially NYC has 5 Burroughs but Long Islanders always mean Manhattan when they say they are “going into the city.” One reason people moved to Long Island was to surround themselves with higher income people and all the things that their money can buy. Yes, it’s racially segregated, but what is more absolute us the income segregation. Not do in Honolulu. Low income housing for seniors is next to a luxury apartment building. There are upper income areas where rich people live. But when you look outside of that tiny bubble you find modest income residents beside low income residents.

Also, big expensive homes are divided by the generous use of hastily erected sheetrock walls to eke every bit of livable space out of a property and rent a house to 15 separate people. That is why houses in low income areas are worth half a million. If the people are so poor in a place like Makaha that Makaha makes the list of the poorest communities in America, how can the impoverished residents afford to live there? It is simple–property ownership is out of reach for, I believe, most Hawaii residents. As beautiful as it is, paradise is marred by the fact that $300,000 will buy you a house–somewhere else. Not on the main island of Oahu, that’s for sure!

It is little wonder game rooms are in residential areas

Houses are owned by people, often foreigners, who are not residents in that community Money spent in a community exits the community when the wealthy landlords drive home, perhapsbto exclusive Wailai’iki Ridge instead of enriching the area. People who don’t own property are not invested in the community on an emotional level. Homeowners probably probably don’t want gambling addicts setting up shop next door but renters are not as motivated to object. It is not local custom for people to make what they consider a fuss by vociferously and openly objecting to anyone’s presence. People are not big on confrontation but would rather anonymously complain to the police. Maybe that’s why there’s so much snitching in the addict subculture. I am sure a show like Dog the Bounty Hunter, showing people snitching on their friends and relatives would not be a big hit everywhere because elsewhere people wouldn’t dare.

Given the circumstances, of course there are illegal game rooms neighborhoodd

It is my theory that the lack of ownership for Hawaii residents predisposes them to destructive lifestyles. They have little to lose and it is unlikely they will ever get the half million dollars for a basic house. They aren’t invested in keeping the game rooms around bc there are so many they can always go elsewhere to feed the gambling addiction. Snitching is rampant. Mm y theory is snitching is a cultural fit for a place with a heavy Japanese influence and that is not a culture that favors direct confrontation. Another characteristic people have is jealousy based on learned helplessness. If they see someone doing well they do not know how to follow that example often bc the public school education does not equip people to successfully navigate the system. Naturally people are angry but cannot articulate why. They are poor. Miseducated. Isolated. Don’t own any substantial property. Cannot change their situation. They do drugs. They gamble. They have no thought of contributing to the community. They snitch out the people they depend on for their addictions and just find new people.

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