Hawaii Street Life Hacks: tips from the underworld for the real world

What is a life hack?

A life hack is a short piece of advice that is readily applicable. The hacks generally target a particular area. Some tips are under the general heading of “life hack.” But usually they are listed as “cleaning hacks,” or “study hacks,” to show the reader what type of wisdom they offer. An example of a cleaning hack would be: use baking soda, Dawn, and hydrogen peroxide for a DIY gold jewelry cleaner. Hacks can also be listed according to the origin of the wisdom. The origin of the wisdom I have to offer comes from a unique source: an ivy league education and life on Honolulu’s addicted streets. I have learned valuable life lessons that are not exactly taught in school, but school is important if you are to have the skills to gather your thoughts and express these thoughts in writing that other people can understand. I bring you Hawaii Street Life Hacks, and I am just going to start anywhere on my list of a thousand life lessons.

Hawaii Street Life Hack #59: The best time to look honest is when you are lying.


Most people have the mistaken belief that they can sense when someone is lying. People think they cannot be fooled because their powers of perception indeed border on being supernatural powers that kick in automatically, without conscious effort. If asked, people will tell you they believe themselves to be a wee bit psychic and hard to fool. In reality, people are quite easy to fool, precisely because they believe what they see without asking themselves if they have evaluated the situation. People would be better able to defend themselves from liars and scammers if they considered themselves easy to fool. They would not rush to believe others. Instead, people rush to believe others. If you want someone to believe what you are saying you usually have to simply look sincere. Maintain eye contact, without staring the other person down. Do not fidget, do not touch your face. Tell the person you know how smart they are and how they are able to detect liars. If you were lying wouldn’t the listener know it? Of course!

Sincerity plus flattery will get you where you want to go if the objective, be it right or wrong, is to make other people believe you.

Caroleena, explaining how to put street life hack #59 in action


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