Popular linked post and Commentary: Addressing Women Who Date Lowlifes


Anyone who says they’d rather be alone than out up with something has obviously never been alone. For them, “alone” is a thing they imagine to be a continuation of time they spend by themselves. Like they imagine how they feel driving by themselves for their commute, only longer. Being alone, for real, is soul crushing. If you have no idea how it feels to have no one interested enough in you to be an emergency contact, you don’t understand. You are we correct if you say that obviously the woman is doing something wrong and that’s why she has a blank space on paperwork for the information of an emergency contact. Sh we knows something is wrong but she may not know how to fix it. Add to her own faults the reality of numbers. Where are the truly single men? Not enough of them. Have you ever walked in these shoes? I did not think so! If you had you would understand why people accept who they can get and the only requirement is availability. I am there myself. Still looking! I can pay the rent! LoL. Well, not really kidding.

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