$53million guaranteed for a 24 year old black man Who needs world class advisors


How do I know he needs advising? B/C any 24 year old who gets tens of millions of dollars needs advising. It is unlikely that a black man has a long family inter generational tradition of preserving and transferring wealth. If you look at statistics on wealth distribution, this superstar football player swill enter into this deal without having grown up in family that practiced investing, saving, snd spending enormous sums. But a new tradition can start with him. That’s my wish for him.

What does a $100 million football contract have to do with an Ivy League graduate’s thoughts after experiencing Hawaii street life? Racial issues and wealth utilization fascinate me after my participation in an underground economy. It is instructive to see individuals on the fringes of society, be it as elites or outcasts. I am rooting for all of us who don’t fit in, not that I have anything in common with this phenom other than I was once at the top of my game. I would like to see how he turns out and what takes him to that outcome.

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