Old and ugly? Not this celebrity! See link: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/lisa-rinna-gives-trolls-something-121132110.html

Everyone wants to live long but no one wants to get old. I like that expression for its accuracy. I have noticed that when we age people act like we are doing something wrong, as if we are failing instead of succeeding. Would people actually be weirded out by someone who didn’t age? We hold ourselves and each other to this impossible standard, like condemning people who need to digest food. How does all of this hatred for people who age translate to how women on the street are treated by men who want to pay them for their time.

Surprisingly, to me anyway, it was not unusual to find men who preferred older women for the obvious reason that they perceived these women as more sexually adroit. Experience had shown some men that some younger women depended on their good looks to get business, not their services. These men tired of young women trying to avoid interacting with them through delay tactics (take me to the store!). They wanted the women who had learned it was quicker to do the work and get out of there. After all, the men wanted to o escape immediately too, so for those few minutes hunkered down in a car behind the sunshade, the client and adult services provider were of like mind. It was not romantic but people weren’t looking for romance. Companionship, sure, but not romance. Guys who want mature women want people who will also be good company.

It cannot be denied that older guys have, at times, resigned themselves to the departure of their own youth, and in keeping with our culture’s disapproval of people who get older, they adjust their expectations down. They are willing to do something they would have found unacceptable before. They are willing to settle. I will never forget the words of someone I had viewed as a companion (behind closed doors). He told me he liked me because he was wiser than he had been in his younger days and did not need to be picky about the company he kept, that no one knew about. He said he liked me now that he was over his desire for young and beautiful women. He had extolled the virtues of a working girl from years ago named Pepsi. She had really been something, absolutely gorgeous. But why worry about looks now. He wasn’t seeking a wife because he already had a wife. Anyone would do, especially if she had more free time than the in-demand 20 year olds. Someone like me was just fine.

Yes, those words hurt. From that long ago day onward I watched how aging is portrayed in the media. Increasingly women over 30 and 40 and even 50 are regarded as beautiful. When that’s the case you will see the same arguments you will see in the linked article. It’s not that she is older and aging is alright, but she has managed to stave off the aging process. And you will notice that there is always scepticism that she is still beautiful, but her critics are mistaken. In a way we haven’t made much progress since the 1969’s when you g adults declared that no one over 30 could be trusted. We have pushed the age we consider “over the hill” into the future, but a woman must demonstrate that she doesn’t look her age. Few people are over their desire for young and gorgeous

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