Abortion & the Prison Nurse

The message of this post was that women who had had abortions were haunted by the decision. We all second guess ourselves, pondering, uselessly, the road not taken. For women who’d had abortions, they could not escape the thought that if they made a mistake, they had said yes to murder. The procedure is medically simple and psychologically complex. The nurse at Hawaii’s women’s prison saw women trying to make their way through the life course of their choosing, and yet so few of them had the information about the regret the

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A Lesson About Abortion from the Prison Nurse

When I went to prison in Hawaii for possession of $10 of an opiate I attended every educational activity, class, guest speaker event–whatever. I wanted to make the most out of my time. I achieved the goal of learning an entirely new mindset when I heard the prison nurse talk about why she was against abortion.

”It’s bad for the woman,” said Nurse Abigail of WCCC (Pronounced double u triple c for Women’s Community Correctional Center). Abby had been at WCCC something like forever. She had seen political appointees come and go over the years. Wardens changed but Abby did not, and neither did the situations of the very many women she had seen.

”The pro-choice people don’t tell the whole story. Many women don’t get over the abortion. The guilt haunts them. That guilt keeps them on the drugs the send…

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