“Trick babies” was a slang term for the unfortunate street conceptions

There were women who got pregnant while working the streets of downtown Honolulu. They did not necessarily know who the father was, nor did they feel the need to necessarily name a father, who could very well be a client. In Hawaii there is no taboo against mixed race children, which is very unique, in this author’s limited experience of the United States. There’s no pressure or stress in hoping the unborn child will fit into the correct race to make whatever story the woman has concocted about the father fit. These babies are very often drug exposed and if they test positive for drugs at birth the mother loses them to foster care. If she follows the instructions of the social worker she might get the baby back but I have heard rumors of white babies never going back to the birth mother because they fetched too high of a price for crooked social workers and ignorant or corrupt adoptive parents. So, what do you think about a “trick baby’s” prospects in the context of the abortion debate? I, for one, couldn’t say they should not have a chance.

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