Follow the link in the title to go to one of the most popular and most mistaken posts ever. Just a couple short years ago I thought that if you dealt honestly with people, they would be honest in return. I believed that if you were honorable anyone who offered to share time would return that honor. Ha! Now I know that people like to steal. They steal because they want everything for themselves and nothing for anyone else. People rarely steal services out of need. They steal because it makes them feel good. Yes, there are people who will honor an agreement but anyone who believed my simpleminded assertion that the only thing you have to do to get what you want is to give the provider what the provider says she wanrs–well, your heart is likely in the right place but I have to warn you that by being open and honest you might be making yourself a target. I have discovered that in this world if you are honest it is because that’s who you want to be, not because you’ll get what you give. Of course there are no absolutes. You will find straight up people. But not always.

isn’t it nice to see how a blogger grows as life comes along and knocks her around? Always a pleasure to see wisdom how, lol!

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