True example of “crazy” thoughts Can you relate to this self talk? One point of disagreement: WHAT IS THE OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER? — PPC PRIVATE PSYCHOTHERAPY CLINICS FOR MENTAL HEALTH AND AUTISM IN LONDON ENGLAND

Here’s the linked article and below the link is a brief visit into an inner world that moves quickly.

The link begins by identifying hallmarks of ocd. You know your thoughts are obsessive if…fill in blank. The author says your problematic thoughts will be nonsensical. I disagree. Your intrusive thoughts might seem very sensible–to you. Problematic, nonsensical? You’ve never had such clarity. In fact, they might seem like tremendously wonderful life changing musings .For example, as a third grader you discovered You might ask yourself where have these revelations been all my life. Well, it’s ok that there was a delay in these great ideas showing up bc now your mind is doing you the huge favor of repeating and repeating and repeatingrepeatingrepeat–! Finally your soul and your thinking are on the same side, everyone inside your mind battling for preeminence is in accord and at long last you will make progress, just as long as you keep doing that thing you have to do–or else! But no, there will be no contemplating the consequences of stopping this behavior other people find so problematic. Other people just don’t understand. Crazy is in the eye of the beholder and as far as you are concerned ocd has been a boon.

Do you see why it can be so difficult to identify the thinking that’s problematic? It’s impossible for you to know which thoughts are correct. No, there are no voices, just competing mentalities and you cannot discern what’s best.

How’s that passage for a window into the mind of someone labelled bipolar?

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