I have needlessly carried my vaccination card all week in Honolulu

July 2022, Now that my Vax card has been stolen I am so very glad I have taken pictures that are forever stored in my wordpress file. You see, I am reaping the rewards of life off the streets and I am taking a cruise. I want to prove I qualify for admission.

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

Vaccination passport policy announced

Today is Friday September 24, 2021. This is the second week of the big policy initiative that requires Hawaii residents, at least in Oahu, to show proof of vaccination or a very recent negative COVID test. As you know if you are a faithful reader (welcome if you are a newcomer to our site!) I chose vaccination not bc I am convinced it is safe but bc someone had to try it so we can find out if vaccination works. If I wait to see if others have bad reactions it would be the same, I believe, as saying I want other people to take the risks and I will wait to read the benefits after all the kinks are smoothed out. I did not like what that thinking said about my character and trite as it may be I wanted to be the change I…

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