Can A Blog About Sex Workers Be As Successful as The Office?

July 26, 2022. What if we made a sitcom out of the characters I have met. The setting could be a makeshift tent of blue tarp on the sidewalks of urban Honolulu. The main characters are a couple who are both sex workers, though she does not know about him. She thinks he makes his money from boosting or stealing from stores. And yes he is a booster but he is also a sex worker on the down low for The Men Who prefer men and that’s why they go downtown and these clients can be characters in the sitcom too. The people who join them in the tent can be the usual assortment of random people you get the people who go to work and just stop by the tent to pick up Dope From the dealer who also lives in the tent with them part of the time when they’re not at their real home with their family. And you also have a couple other homeless people who live in the tent and make their living by standing watch outside the tent or running errands for the landlords of the temp like going to McDonald’s for them or picking up things for the dealer at the Dealer’s request in exchange for a small amount of dope or a couple of dollars. There could be an endless array of characters showing how diverse the homeless Community is and how diverse the community of people with addictions really is. But would it be funny or would it be tragic or could it be both? Sure if it was done right it could be a successful as the office. Maybe I should try writing a pilot.

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