This is reaction is misogyny in action

I would love an answer to the question of how it feels to be talked down to, August, 2022

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

Plenty of guys like women they believe they don’t have to respect

One thing about people who say they want to help those they disdain

When people offer to help people that they do not respect somehow it makes them feel a sense of power. The offer of help seems to install them as some sort of authority. The person who is ostensibly being helped is not allowed to ask questions or make any changes or contribute in any way to the thought process. You are just supposed to be grateful for the thought that someone will help you. And I say thought, because true help is hard to find even among well meaning people. The contemptuous seldom get past the thought process and into action. Why? In reality, when people think about helping other people it is coming from a position of superiority. Superior people do not allow underlings…

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