Unbreakable Touch Bond, MamaCat and Kittens

Belonging to the inner circle, universally desired

There is an unbroken chain of touch with this cat family. Look at the tails. One Kitten is joined to Mama by Mama’s tail. On Mama’s other side there’s another kitten nursing. The nursing kitten extends his tail to touch his litter mate. This unbroken chain defines who is in the family. For the rest of their lives these cats will snuggle together. They live in a semi-feral cat community where they brush against their feline neighbors and touch noses with their friends but the most intimate touches, the type where cats snuggle against each other, are reserved for those in the unbroken touch bond. An outside motherless kitten tried to sneak into this group to nurse, but Mama cat batted him away. Cats do not adopt outside kittens, not these cats, anyway. As a human, with whom do you have touch bonds? Unlike cats, we can choose to form new touch bonds. Do you recognize the importance of acceptance through touch? Are you building more and stronger touch bonds?

Vital Touch More than Sexual

Underground economies like those found in downtown Honolulu hinge upon sex, on the surface, but people want a touch bond. They want companionship that makes them feel that, at least temporarily, they are completely welcome to be with someone. I had assumed, when I knew nothing about life, that there wouldn’t be relationships beyond sex between adult services providers and clients, but I was wrong. The contact is usually secret but within this hidden union there’s talking, laughing, time spent, aid rendered, advice and more. Texts and phone calls are exchanged to stay in contact. Friendships I know of have lasted a couple of decades. I am familiar with two service providers who were at the death bed of someone who started out as a client but ended his life as one of the closest people to their hearts. Why? Look at the touch chain of MamaCat and Kittens pictured above. Humans have the same need. Somehow, someway everyone wants to be a link. This author will always believe that people supposedly “paying for sex” want much more.

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