Am I a bigot because intimacy between men makes me uncomfortable?

There’s more and less prejudice

Have you ever heard the expression, “the more things change the more they stay the same”? I never understood what that meant until now. In my youth no one I knew was openly gay, the word AIDS was never mentioned by the president since everyone knew it was a punishment from God for the bad people who should have known better because the bible had told them what to do. The word trans-sexual did not exist in the common language, and the anyone who identified as the opposite sex was considered The idea of a black president was something considered theoretically possible, like humans colonizing the planet Mars, but not something anyone expected to see in their lifetimes. I watched the evolution of dominant paradigms like gay=oddity to gay people exist among people I have met, to nowadays an understanding that most, maybe almost all, people have experimented with same sex activities (and many do so on a regular basis although that reality is not mentioned.)

Why am i uncomfortable with public displays of affection between two men? Actually, Im. Kinda repulsed by it. Nothing to do with me? Why do I care in the 21st century. And yet…

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