Even Me

I have always wondered if I were ineligible for close r e lationships. Am I disliked on a cosmic level? This weekend someone I knew from “out there,” reached out to me since I’ve had the same number for years. She is lonely, she has cancer and wants someone to care. She was pretty mean to most people, myself included, but I liked her when was nice. She took a chance texting me not k owing if I would want to be in touch. Maybe if I follow ancient wisdom and not my own thinking and concern myself with what I can give rather than get, I could BE a good friend. Having friends would take care of itself. Hard to imagine someone remembering me and wanting to be in touch bc it’s bever happened. Or so I thought. Maybe I’m not as u likeable as ivethought. Maybe I could be a part of an inner circle. Even me…now that kind of hope is what a person needs to maintain recovery.

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

You’re kidding!” exclaimed the client after I told him the name of my alma mater. I had gone to one of the most famous colleges in the world. There was no avoiding the inevitable next question: why are you doing this? No I did not begin or end my academic career with a plan to even meet an escort much less become one. But fifteen years ago the state I called home decided that possession of $10 of a certain narcotic was a felony. As a convicted felon, the best way to make a living is through self employment. The felony blocked access to every career path the prestigious name on my diploma would have virtually guaranteed. Sobriety does not negate a felony and only a few businesses open their doors to the penniless. I still want to survive even if I have had some problems. I never thought I…

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