Mature and beautiful?

What are you to think about a woman who is beautiful but not…now what word would you insert that would negate the word beautiful? I hate to admit that I have been as brainwashed as the rest of society and I believe what I have been told unless I fight to re-train my brain. The word I would insert that contradicts beautiful is mature. Young and beautiful, young and beautiful, that’s what I believed. Every 19 year old woman is pretty even when they’re not, I know women who learned to equate youth with beauty as I learned. They faxed aging with quaking terror, doing everything they could to maintain. Surprise! Maintaining their beauty is precisely what they achieved. Some of these mature women are famous, like Christi Brinkley, who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in her 60’s, decades after she first graced the cover. Other women are everyday people. Do you know what the providers who have aged gracefully tell me? The young men they see either do not believe whatever rumor they heard about the providers’ ages, or–I love this–they struggle to understand how  women who are not in their 20’s (or 30’s or 40’s) look so beautiful. Young men verbalize that very thought with wonder. Mature but beautiful? Say what? It’s all about retraining our brains. When they told us youth was a prerequisite for beauty, they were ignorant of the truth about age.


Aging is not the same for everyone, anymore than puberty was.  Unlike puberty, we have a chance to knowledgeably seize the reigns. It’s not about looking good in spite of the years. When you see a beautiful mature woman do not mentally reach for the standard backhanded compliment. A hot mature woman does NOT look good–for her age. She looks every bit her age. And her age looks good. You see the difference?

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