See Link: A Man Tells Women That Women Ask to be Mistreated by Doing THIS

Ladies, there is a path that does not lead to happily ever after

Sisters, you are the prize. Prizes are won, not offered When you make the first move it is BC he has yet to make that move. What’s stopping him? Nothing! That’s the point. He could have made the move but to be blunt, he doesn’t want you. This writer infers from the linked post that guys don’t really change their minds. He can’t be won over. Do not try to change what he thinks of you bc he doesn’t think anything about you.

But if you are willing to…well, that’s on you. As he will tell you from word one, he is”not ready for a relationship ” or “not looking for anything serious.” Translation, I will f*** you if that’s what YOU want.

Ladies you are volunteering to be mistreated when you make the first move! Huh? What if he is just shy, she asks, reasonably. I too thought guys could be shy, intimidated by my beauty, maybe..? Nope. The writer I reference in above link wants us to know that when it comes to getting a woman he wants, a guy will find a way to overcome shyness. He WILL make the first move if he values you.

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