At Times the Female Half of a Couple Encourages Threesomes

Women don't want to share the man they love. But there are reasons why women willingly do so. And those reasons have nothing to do with lesbianism and everything to do with keeping the man for herself.


A Couple of Hollywood Stories Show People Might be OK with Prostitution but not Prostitutes

Providers are the outcasts of the Prostitution world, not even the people who help them be providers receive the same measure of disgrace.


An x-streetwalker should be wiser. They say you can’t con a con. Turns out you can con this one.

Ever pick someoneones' pocket while hugging him? Or distracting him in some other way? I used to enjoy such devilment. I did these misdeeds to those I judged able to afford the loss. My karma has caught up with me. Given how much I deserve to be robbed, I can only be so mad.


Adult Services Provider Tells How She Put Ads Online and the Results

Here is a brief story about how the provider moved from the streets to finding clients online.


The Purpose of a Hooker’s story as told in expertescort2018.com as of today March 24, 2019

Find out the unique conditions in Honolulu that made for a long street life for the addiction motivated ex street walker and what she wants to do with her experiences.


The Details of Sex Work: How do providers set up appointments with clients?

Meeting clients could be done on the street, with the use of ads in the Yellow Pages, and self placed ads on adult websites. It is illegal to make a deal that offers sex in exchange for something of perceived value. How do people hook up for sex--for free or for fee?


Prostitution Helps the Lonely Hearts, and There are a Lot of Those

It is not just clients who seek to alleviate loneliness, but a certain sex worker had the same trouble. Is it possible that contrary to what many well meaning sdvicates say, prostitution might serve somewhat of a positive purpose in the provider's life?


Legal Status Diversity

A new social class of people is forming. The growing ranks of heroin addict are in this class, specifically those people who were incarcerated and now find themselves unemployable at the true level of their qualifications due to laws that turn all felonies and many misdemeanors into life sentence by closing off career paths to people with records. Here in Hawaii felons ate allowed to vote so we are not also disenfranchised in this state. But I can relate to losing many of the benefits of an ivy league degree


I graduated at the top of my class in the top ivy league university. I journeyed from elite to outcast when I turned to prostitution to support my drug habit. I took notes as I went and I can telk the story of success to sex to failure and back again in a fascinating way that will speak to you.



  Clients confided in the Ivy League educated hooker--me. Why? I was smart enough to understand anything they shared. Equally important, my status as social outcast meant even if I told their secrets few would listen to me. Of those who listen, few of that small number would believe me.  Almost no one would care [...]


SETTING THE SCENE If insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results, then I was sane. I did the same thing expecting the same results. WHAT YOU WILL DO You're standing on a city street, Kukui Street, where you expect to see men looking to pay you for your time. You know cars drive [...]

I looked for tricks on the streets even after I started advertising online

THERE WAS NO NEED BUT... I didn't have to go to the streets to make money by finding guys who'd pay for my company. Once I had my apartment I had a place to keep my stuff. My phone wasn't stolen every other day. I could make a living by waiting on calls and emails. [...]

Why do people seek to reassure me with the phrase “I haven’t forgotten you”

I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to come through for me, to make good on a promise. I'm concerned because the time is fast approaching when it will be to late for the person to help me. Did she forget to come pick me up? Then I get the call. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten [...]

Why are people so surprised that I have never been with a woman?

People always doubt me when I say I have never been with another woman. Never touched another woman or even seen one up close. "What about with your friends?" someone asked me today. I have never had friends so naturally there was no experimenting on the down low. And no one has ever propositioned me, [...]

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