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Question: How does a Graduate From an Ivy League University Get Addicted to Drugs?

Answer: Believing lies. Lies such as, “bad people are drug addicts” or “weak people are drug addicts” are examples of deadly lies.

THE ANSWER: We get addicted bc we believe we can’t get addicted. When danger presents itself disguised as recreation, we don’t run away.

Tale as old as time…Well, not really an old tale. This is a new story of addiction in today’s society. You want to read this story about drugs. That’s one major new development.

In the United States, in the year 2019, there is a huge problem of opioid addiction. A simple definition of Opioids is: heroin and heroin type drugs, including prescription pills. Why is this a new story? Aren’t drugs a part of U. S. history? Yes, drugs have been a thing. Such a big thing the country declared a war on drugs in the 1980’s. Back then, drugs were considered a black thing. Crack, ghettos, prisons full of people who look like me. I would have been too ashamed of myself for living the stereotype to admit to a drug problem.

Today, the general truth is out–whites do drugs. Problematically. Addictively. Now, at the dawn of a new century, a big chunk of white society has become junkies. Opioid addiction has become a mainly white problem. I’ve read many articles marvelling that white people have become what they assumed only blacks were–people who could and did get in trouble with drugs. I am going to make a broad generalization that’s my opinion, not strictly factual: at one time white people weren’t necessarily interested in an irrelevancy. They thought they were so immune to addiction they never thought about addiction. Now, they care bc they must–I think. Here’s what I know–since the general truth is out, I feel brave enough to come out with my truth. I believe people will read my words and unhappily apply what I say to their own addiction situations.

Always, the problem begins with an unexpected introduction to people who are using and make the drug available. Note the word always. The encounter is the prerequisite. This is an important point. If the question was why are people getting burned, first we must see where the fire originates. Addiction, like a fire, is outside of us, environmental. The myths making us vulnerable: we know danger are when wewe see it and we are immune to external dangers bc of inner strength. When we first see people doing drugs our overwhelming feeling is:

Addicts are bad. Weak. Immoral. Unhygienic. Stupid. Criminal. Uninformed. Uneducated. Lazy. Self-indulgent. Usually but not always, the inferior representatives of a backwards racial minority. One of the lies that kills us is we are not endangered by a simple encounter. Only a certain kind of person does drugs and we are not in any of the aforementioned categories.

We look at people doing drugs the way we regard animals at the zoo. We share a planet but we have nothing else in common with them.

We look at the people doing the drug, whatever it is. We have no knowledge about drugs and addiction other than media stories about those people. In this chance encounter with those people our belief we are anothing like them is confirmed Thisby observation of things we’ve never seen before. These differences becomes a source of fascination. These people are actual criminals! Drug activity has became their full time occupation. What’s so special about dope? We do not recognize we are being drawn in by a power greater than ourselves because we believe the simplistic interpretation of the Law of Attraction that says we create our reality. I am not in danger from drugs because I believe I am not in danger from drugs. Imagine We want to dabble, to sample. One time, one day, that’s it. Certainly we can try it out without any ill effects. A one time thing. Then back to our real drug free life. No one will ever know. When it’s just one closer, we can easily toss that skeleton bone in.

We try it. We take the plunge, cross the line, all the platitudes. We get high. And the world keeps on turning. No one can tell by looking at us. No harm done! We were right! We are fine, and secretly, we like it. We like the whole adventure. We’ve never met people like this before, outside of the Discovery Channel. We’re living a movie about an unexpected safari into the wilderness we had no idea was all around. Like that children’s story about the kids that go into a wardrobe, or closet, and enter into another dimension, a different reality. We feel wiser than our peers for we now knew a secret world. And we had secrets of our own no one would guess

We do t even tell ourselves the whole truth. Which is–we want to get high and stay high. The first time I felt the full body sensation of good cocaine I remember my thought as if it were still in my mind. Because it is. I thought, “This is how I want to feel all the time.”

That’s how the trouble began

One day becomes two days, weeks, months. We are addicted while we still believed there’s really no such thing as addiction. Unlike the story of the wardrobe, we cannot come back to our world but we don’t know we have Departed the life we think we are still living.

Next, I will tell you about the turning point. We are hanging out with addicts, now we have started doing what they do, but we are not really one of the group. Society disagrees with our self assessment as exceptions and shows its disapproval with CONSEQUENCES. End of Part 1 of What Happened?

It’s all good when we think we are on an adventure in paradise. All of life’s roads are always one way. All decisions are permanent and irrevocable bc there’s no going back. So don’t do anything if you think you will need to reverse yourself.

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