Baby Mama and Baby Daddy are titles that show the sad state of society in many ways

The terms “baby mama” and “baby daddy” aren’t just bad grammatically but show a distressing acceptance of impermanent sexual unions that produce children.


Riddle: if you are honest about this one thing, no one will believe you about anything

Not everyone is what they do, but liars deserve to be known as such and do not waste time trying to get the truth

“VSCO girl” is a style trend I had to learn about via Urban Dictionary, and here’s the opinion of x-streetwalker

I got my breasts enlarged to see how a new body would fell and now what must I do to discover fitting in, as if I were an VSCO girl.

How prostitution taught me that there is a flaw in matchmaker services

People are free to be themselves around a former sreetwalker bc I am no one they need to impress and I get to see a lot of truth., truth that’s sometimes hidden from the speaker himself.

Women are supposed to know a guy wants sex, but there’s another unasked question

Are women sexual wish grantors for men as their primary reason for being? Some say yes, some say no, but everyone still falls into one way of thinking–male desires are the standard we accept or reject.

Harsh criticism is always jarring but I can imagine what I would have said a quarter century ago, and I know I would have been meaner

There are good things and bad things about prostitution although I will acknowledge that as far as most of society is concerned, the public view is negative, but behind closed doors people are often waaay more open-minded than they will admit.

Penis Size– Intimacies Shared by a Male Fan

A reader comments in response to a blog about the importance of penis size to a working girl by giving the male perspective about penis size from a youth to an adult man.

My wish to understand the underclass was granted in the funniest way!

I wished to understand the underclass so I could represent them in a sympathetic way to people, like me, who had never walked in their shoes. I got my wish, and it was really funny how things turned out when I sought to learn about junkies and whores.

When Men talk to each other about having sex with women it can be a scary event for me.

An associate gives a self satisfied rendition of make camraderie while discussing intimacies like “giving it to her good and hard.”