Threesomes (3somes) and me–the history

Threesome (3some) Background in my line of work, occasionally I was asked to participate with another woman. I always strive for the attitude of indifference toward sex that I identify as a male trait (rightly or wrongly). But it is not easy. With one other person, I can hide my discomfort by being busy withContinue reading “Threesomes (3somes) and me–the history”


There are two reasons why men never ever have to be arrested by undercover cops in a reverse stings and this post details the first of the two reasons.

Breasts and Beauty Accompany an Idea: Felony Murder–is this (sometimes) used as a tricky way to get cops off the hook for shooting someone

Breasts and Beauty Accompany an Idea: Felony Murder–could this charge be a coverup for improper police use of deadly force?

Beauty and Bare Breasts Add Appeal To Every Post–Take A Look and Tell Me if You Agree

From now on, for the most part, a tasteful, semi-nude, artistic pic will accompany written posts to see what the stats show about how much the readers like the addition of bare breasts and beauty

Diary of a Hooker–I Found This Journal Entry From Years Ago About How Drug Use Surprisingly Helps Lonliness

a real life journal entry shows how addiction gave me unexpected companionship that was hard to walk away from.

Do You Want to Know Why You Don’t Receive the Treatment From a Provider That Reviewers Report? I Have Answers

Originally posted on Sexy, Funny Video/Verse about forbidden Hawaii :
You are reading a website that caters to men who want to discuss their experiences with providers who offer their time, which sometimes include sex. You are reading a review from an enthusiastic client who saw the same woman that you saw. His review reads…

Real Drug Talk

Audio from the Underworld I secured permission to tape natural conversations about off track topics as long as people were not identifiable. You will get to listen in. Best of all, no one knows exactly when the recording happens. Be that fly on the wall you’ve always wanted to be. The forbidden fun of eavesdropping!

What intimacy promise do you make that you should break but instead you are most likely to keep?

Promises-Intimacy Thhen we get hurt we promise ourselves we will wall off our hearts, disengage, and never go through that again! This promise is the one we are most likely to keep even when it would be best if we broke it.

“Secret Street Sex With Strangers” is a Man’s Title This Woman Didn’t Imagine

Men are like art to me, I don’t understand the bulk but I do know what I like, and what I like is a tiny portion that is awesome

My 4 Prostitution Arrests with YouTube Street Sex Link

I was involved in four undercover police stings where cops posed as potential dates and picked me up in their cars. Twice I got away, twice
I didn’t.