SETTING THE SCENE If insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results, then I was sane. I did the same thing expecting the same results. WHAT YOU WILL DO You’re standing on a city street, Kukui Street, where you expect to see men looking to pay you for your time. You know cars drive […]

I looked for tricks on the streets even after I started advertising online

THERE WAS NO NEED BUT… I didn’t have to go to the streets to make money by finding guys who’d pay for my company. Once I had my apartment I had a place to keep my stuff. My phone wasn’t stolen every other day. I could make a living by waiting on calls and emails. […]

Why do people seek to reassure me with the phrase “I haven’t forgotten you”

I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to come through for me, to make good on a promise. I’m concerned because the time is fast approaching when it will be to late for the person to help me. Did she forget to come pick me up? Then I get the call. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten […]

An x-streetwalker should be wiser. They say you can’t con a con. Turns out you can con this one.

Ever pick someoneones’ pocket while hugging him? Or distracting him in some other way? I used to enjoy such devilment. I did these misdeeds to those I judged able to afford the loss. My karma has caught up with me. Given how much I deserve to be robbed, I can only be so mad.

Why are people so surprised that I have never been with a woman?

People always doubt me when I say I have never been with another woman. Never touched another woman or even seen one up close. “What about with your friends?” someone asked me today. I have never had friends so naturally there was no experimenting on the down low. And no one has ever propositioned me, […]

Adult Services Provider Tells How She Put Ads Online and the Results

Here is a brief story about how the provider moved from the streets to finding clients online.