Homeless People Have Cell Phones For These 6️⃣ Reasons📲

📳 Phones,📳 Really? Do the homeless have cellphones? Yes…but… Yes, if they are homeless bc I’d addiction, they need cellphones to reach out to the people they need to make street life work.6️⃣Reasons 1. They call or are called by “tricks” (a colloquialism for clients who pay another for the person’s time, almost always, butContinue reading “Homeless People Have Cell Phones For These 6️⃣ Reasons📲”

50 Guys vs. 50 Times, On point Twitter Link: Tweet from Food For Thought (@prophesic)

Food For Thought (@prophesic) Tweeted: It’s strange that guys think a vagina is loose from being with 50 different men but wouldn’t get looser from fucking the same man 50 times. https://twitter.com/prophesic/status/1244648093821231105?s=20 50 guys vs. 50 times with one guy. It’s the volume of partners that understandably freaks people out to such an extent thatContinue reading “50 Guys vs. 50 Times, On point Twitter Link: Tweet from Food For Thought (@prophesic)”

Read link about functioning heroin addicts and notice something NOT mentioned as a downside of heroin use: “Inside the secret lives of functioning heroin addicts – CNN”

https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/02/27/health/functioning-heroin-addicts/index.html One Line: The article never mentions the deleterious effects heroin has on work performance because the problems with heroin are due to its forbidden status in society, not on mentality.

Hawaii’s Secret Hostility–Follow link and See One line comment: Visitors who took advantage of cheap airfare attacked in Waikiki amid growing virus fears


Read this link to my colleague’s blog and below you’ll find my story about adventures in Dirty Talk! How to Dirty Talk for Beginners — Phicklephilly

Biology class doesn’t help dirty talk, but it’s funny in retrospect.

Early Thoughts About Saying Yes to crack

I want to give you some if my thinking in the early days of the blog. In a nutshell, I went to crack bc I had done everything I was supposed to do to be successful and happy yet I still felt empty. I met some new people. I was desperate to stop feeling allContinue reading “Early Thoughts About Saying Yes to crack”