Devout Christian Marriage and Pornography

Porn As a Joint Adventure As long as porn is something you both do together, as a married couple, you’ll be fulfilling the vow to “forsake all others.” I believe this vow means the two married people make up their rules for their union and whatever they say, goes. Share and share alike. Share porn.

Announcing New Series: Sexy Pics and Sensual Anime with One Liners

Too Wordy–that’s the feedback I have received from people who have read my posts. However, there are a great many who see the wall of words and are altogether turned off. I think all of my thoughts are jewels. Other people don’t necessarily agree. So let’s see if I can ride to the challenge ofContinue reading “Announcing New Series: Sexy Pics and Sensual Anime with One Liners”

Commenting on Negative Comment: Why I Chose The Lurid Lure of Pix of a Derierre that Successfully Shows Intermarriage Can Have Great Results

Originally posted on Sexy, Funny Video/Verse about forbidden Hawaii:
I saw a woman with a bikini on, and the seat was baggy. Her butt did not fill out the bikini bottom. The material just hung there. From what I know about my ethnicity I am white and black and some other stuff. The result…

A Man’s Attention is the Reward for Using A Soft Voice

Don’t yell. Ever. You’re keeping your message short, like one sentence. If you raise your voice, if you get combative, men quite literally tune it out. Men are told women are irrational, emotional, and impossible to deal with when they’re deep in their femininity. If a man hears a woman who is bitching at himContinue reading “A Man’s Attention is the Reward for Using A Soft Voice”

Threesome Pouting: Group Sex Brings Out Little Kid Behaviors

Threesomes have complications that bring out the bratty little kid within, which is an amusing irony not atypical of unintended consequences.


Insider expertise was gifted to me in a forwarded email, the original message was written by a scientist who had studied this virus since the 1970’s. I want you to have the advice as well as the name of the scientist. Please forward widely! Subject: What I am doing for the upcoming COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemicContinue reading “INSIDE EXPERTISE on COVID-19 FOR MY BELOVED READERS”