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  • 2018 journal of a desperate Honolulu woman

    2018 journal of a desperate Honolulu woman

    I was instructed how to open my Apple account without an iPhone. And what do you know, I found the earnest recollections from the beginning of my blog project. Below you will find thoughts from 2018 of a woman who wanted to hold on to her identity from the distant past as a Harvard grad, […]

  • A’ala Park was synonymous with drugs in Honolulu

    When I came to Honolulu years ago A’ala Park was synonymous for a crack infested area. There were no laws forcing people out of parks at 10 p.m. While these rules can be draconian, I understand the origins of the rigidity. Dealers used to use port a potties as offices to exchange money for drugs […]

  • What exactly makes addiction cruel?

    What exactly makes addiction cruel?

    Addiction is cruel because it causes the sufferer to endure catastrophe and it causes others impacted by the catastrophe to believe the addict did not care. Addicts do not think they are putting drugs before their kids. They honestly believe they are not lying to themselves when they plan to do things differently. Promises are […]