A Sex Worker’s Client Speaks

What He Says I am so glad that in over 34 years in the hobby as a client, I NEVER had a “date” with a lady who was an addict. Hell, most of them rarely drank alcohol. To be honest though, I only dated high – end escorts/call girls who were true independents. And theirContinue reading “A Sex Worker’s Client Speaks”

Many guys are silently heartbroken after a Hooker’s betrayal but there is one weird reason it is not their fault

in one instance you may not be responsible when a hooker breaks your heart

X-HOOKER LIFE HACKS: the world’s newest everyday wisdom from the world’s oldest profession

Hooker life hack#88 life is a good news bad news story as the once unimaginable actions become old hat

These Pharmaceutical Companies Are Making a Killing Off the Opioid Crisis | The Nation

https://www.thenation.com/article/these-pharmaceutical-companies-are-making-a-killing-off-the-opioid-crisis/ The Most Honest Language I Have Read About Race and Addiction The above link is from an internet article from a mainstream news organization. The words anger me, but that’s not all they do to me. Despite the fact that the white face of the opioid crisis tends to elicit the sort of publicContinue reading “These Pharmaceutical Companies Are Making a Killing Off the Opioid Crisis | The Nation”

From Harvard to Homeless to Homey to Hooker

I went from Harvard graduate, Magna cum Laude (with high honors) to being homeless and turning to sex work to support myself and my drug habit, and being out there as a survivor was shameful and surprisingly thrilling.

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