Part II: Why my ban from Honolulu forum of an adult services site as a problematic provider was correct Throwback from one of the most successful posts ever which happened to appear in the most successful month of all, November 2018. Follow the above link to see content posted before we met.

“Additions to” on Pinterest is what you type in search box to access 97 short stories and sexy pix, no ads! Here’s an example

97 short sexy stories with seductive pics and no ads in the Pinterest link “Additions to”

Wanna know the WRONG Assumption I made about Crossdressers?

There’s one wrong assumption I made about mahus, Hawaii Crossdressers who self identify as female and have sex with men.

Many guys are silently heartbroken after a Hooker’s betrayal but there is one weird reason it is not their fault

in one instance you may not be responsible when a hooker breaks your heart

How To Get What YOU want From a Sex Worker 💋By Doing This One Simple Thing NO THINKING INVOLVED YMMV? This translates to your mileage may vary. If you read discussion sites that are written by men who want to compare notes about seeing different providers, you will often see ymmv. In other words, what a provider will happily do with one guy, she may or may not do withContinue reading “How To Get What YOU want From a Sex Worker 💋By Doing This One Simple Thing”

When it comes to sex I bet you think you’ve heard it all. A working girl received a request that will shock you!

I would bet money that you’d never guess the strangest request a working girl ever had and I’d bet even more money you’ll be honestly surprised no matter how jaded you are.

Sex Standard: No Animal Involvement. People try to mingle with animals in a myriad of ways that I learned to forbid

Sexually disappointed people can be very unpleasant so you learn to set firm and specific limits to prevent misunderstandings.

Hawaii Converts Health Lessons for Addicts in These Historic Documents

COVID and Hawaii addicts

White People Aren’t Showing Exceptional Racism but The Human Norm For Dealing w/ Tragedy BC Us vs Them is How all Humans Role and Bible shows it

Whites aren’t being extraordinarily racist but ordinarily human when the dismiss COVID-19 as a black thing.

True Words From a Predatory Working Girl About What She Does and Why

The actual words from an interview with a working girl who wanted to do unto others before they inevitably did unto her

Incontrovertible Sex Standards List–The 9 Non’s. Everyone must develop his/her own list like this

No, this sex worker won’t do anything and everything sexual under the sun. In fact, she is probably more clear about her boundaries than women who haven’t had to deal with these issues as often and under such a variety of sexual circumstances. Here’s a list of NON-NEGOTIABLE NO EXCEPTION  sex standards. The “9 non’s”Continue reading “Incontrovertible Sex Standards List–The 9 Non’s. Everyone must develop his/her own list like this”

Rejected by online sex Site for good cause: Tweet from Harvard X-Hooker in HI (@Expert_Escort)

Favorite throwback post about how and why I was banned from a discussion site, and my reevaluation of my role

“Hooker Yelp”– Info Gold Mine of Fascinating Genuine Reviews

Introducing an Online Community Any Guy May Join For Free

Street Prayer I Said Every Time I Turned to the Street to Get in a Strangers Car for $

I had a street prayer that will never rival the Our Father but I hoped it’d keep me safe when I went with strangers for money

Riddle: if you are honest about this one thing, no one will believe you about anything

Not everyone is what they do, but liars deserve to be known as such and do not waste time trying to get the truth