Is a Site Advertising Free Sex Or Escorts? One Word Identifies the Purpose

One word to know on dating sites to distinguish free from escorts

I felt acne ruined me. Now…See Link to The Guardian I understood this article , although my difficulties were reversed. The author had extreme acne and (apparently) parental support. I suppose I had moderate acne but no social support. The people who adopted me lived that the beauty people remarked about when I was a child, was marred. The acne messages were repeated oftenContinue reading “I felt acne ruined me. Now…See Link to The Guardian”

It’s a bit disheartening when your best features aren’t yours

Sexy pix: Give me make up, a wig and a boob job and people are so full of admiration for everything that’s not of me. Oh well. Pretending is better than nothing!

A sex worker’s client emailed her for advice about contributing to Hookr Yelp during Covid

August 08, 2020 An associate of mine is contributing to the blog by sharing an anonymous email she received August 2020. In the study of history this email would be known as a primary document. You are not reading stuff written by people who study history. I’m giving you true history. Note the indicators ofContinue reading “A sex worker’s client emailed her for advice about contributing to Hookr Yelp during Covid”

Modern grief —Compulsive Internet Searches After the Death of a Loved One

DID YOU KNOW: The internet, specifically search engines, are a part of modern humanity’s grieving process

Part II: Why my ban from Honolulu forum of an adult services site as a problematic provider was correct Throwback from one of the most successful posts ever which happened to appear in the most successful month of all, November 2018. Follow the above link to see content posted before we met.

“Additions to” on Pinterest is what you type in search box to access 97 short stories and sexy pix, no ads! Here’s an example

97 short sexy stories with seductive pics and no ads in the Pinterest link “Additions to”

Many guys are silently heartbroken after a Hooker’s betrayal but there is one weird reason it is not their fault

in one instance you may not be responsible when a hooker breaks your heart

Sex with Strangers–what mental state do you need?

=e[session and denial get a bad rap but they are my friends in an evil world!.

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