YouTube videos show how Sex Workers are put at risk by UnAmerican values

Stop punishing people on allegations of sexual misconduct. It is unAmerican!

Watch “Honolulu Black Lives Matter March 06/06/20” on YouTube. I was there for history

Live YouTube video of peaceful protest for Black Lives Matter in D day 2020 across from Ala Moana Beach Park

Watch Updated”Racist Attack Caught on Film +Unpunished” on YouTube–yes the unseen Victim is a black woman. And there’s more!

if you see anything on the news about someone matching my description, remember this video!

I’m a Black Woman and I Hate the Phrases “Black Lives Matter” and “No Means No” Here’s A Link to HuffPost Article: The Real Reason White People Say “All Lives Matter”

As a black woman I will never say Black Lives Matter or No Means No although I’m a believer.

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