An x-streetwalker should be wiser. They say you can’t con a con. Turns out you can con this one, if I’m the con. (A chronic tricked me out of $200 w/ a bank’s help)

When I say you can’t con a con, by the second use of the word con I mean convict. I was a convict and I usually am smarter than everyone I encounter, IMHO. I was in prison for possession of $10 of heroin. Not for stealing. Yes, I make the distinction between my choices about my life vs. hurting others. But that’s another story. You know how I got tricked out of $200 last week? I believed the guy when he said if I loaned him the $ he would make me joint on his bank account and I would have access to his directly deposited social security check, for my repayment. I believed the bank when the bank said staff would not take sides in any joint account. The bank granted his request to lie to me should I ask if everything was ok. You see, he was overdrawn. The bank wanted it’s $600 back. If I had known that he intended to close the account and deny me access as soon as the check came in, I could’ve frozed the account unilaterally, interfering with the bank getting repaid. He told the bank on Thursday he intended to deny me access and close the account Monday. Saturday, I asked bank staff if everything was ok for me to access funds on Monday. They straight up lied. “Everything is a go!” In reality their notes told them to deny me access to the account pending his arrival to officially take me off the account. No wonder I noticed it took a conference of bank staffers huddled around the computer screen to dimy say, “no changes here!”

At the opening of business Monday. the same staffers from Saturday turned me away from the teller window, empty-handed in Monday at 9:20. All they claimed to know was there was no record of me being joint on any account. I’d have to ask him why. He hid until I exited the bank. He entered the bank and withdrew the money left after the overdraft was repaid and closed the account. I found out the whole back story when I returned that afternoon bc I had a suspicion the bank breached it’s own policies. I was right. Yet another manager told me the truth, including the times he made his requests. She remained silent when I asked if the bank deliberately lied; only raised her eyebrows. She did say that I could’ve taken out my $200 first thing Monday bc my cancellation was not official til he came in. But that’s not what I was told Monday morning. God, I am furious. One reason you can’t con a con is we learn the rules by heart. I was unprepared for cheating. This story is a perfect example of a time when I just about know they treated me one way bc I’m black and him another way bc he is white. I know it, but in a way, I don’t. What was it about my look that made these strangers willing to cheat me? Someone asked if I was showing too much cleavage with my lovely augmented breasts and I admit, too much skin could’ve been a factor. No matter what, they had no right to judge me unworthy of equal protection of their rules. Do I have any recourse?


“Harvard”Hooker? At the 25th annual reunion?

25th College Alumni Reunion

Harvard Hooker? This title will simply not do for the reunion. The reunion isn’t tomorrow but it is within the decade. I have got to get it together so I can feel confident enough to attend the reunion. I know happiness would override all concerns about professional and economic success. But with the death of my significant other, I can’t get happy. Yes, I know he would’ve been waaay over me if it had been me and not him, dead on my kitchen floor the Sunday before the Patriot’s come from behind Super Bowl victory in 2017. But I am not reassured by reminding myself of my one sided love for my mostly gay former trick. I’ve got to turn to the things shallow people use to try yo make themselves whole, success, wealth, fame. I need to get some success, wealth, fame. I don’t want to name drop my college bc I am pretty positive the university would not drop my name, at this point in time. What to do, what to do? A lot of people who went down the path of addiction instead of success feel ashamed to let classmates know what became of them. On top of general embarrassment I feel like I ammunition for people who say affirmative action doesn’t work. Yes, I graduated Magna cum Laude so I did what I was supposed to whole in school but then, after graduation, I failed myself and my people and I want to make it right. Hey if I can’t reach social acceptability I will settle for wealth. I am going to pursue my Hooker Life from the world’s oldest Profession.

So the owner of the New England Patriots Might Have Wanted to Hire a Hooker… what’s the problem?

What’s wrong with a wealthy man seeking some p****?


My beloved, late friend was a retired army medic who did two or three tours in Vietnam. I originally met him in a professional way, you now what mean, but the relationship evolved into something more, as all relationships do with extended contact. In this case the something more was real friendship. He was very accepting of me, I see that now, and of people in general. He didn’t judge people and their idiosyncrasies. Here is an example. He often spoke of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky:

The whole world laughed at our country for making s big deal out of that. If the president of the greatest country in the world can’t get no p**** in the Oval Office , there’s no hope for the rest of us.

My friend’s view was that men are dogs and there’s nothing that can be done to change nature. I’m sure he would have the same opinion of the latest so-called scandal involving the owner of this year’s Superbowl winner. Why in the world would anyone put prostitution on the same list as murder as we see in above cartoon? So the man wanted p****? After all, if he couldn’t get it there isn’t much hope for the rest of them, as my friend would have said.

Can Men Expect Providers to Post Identifiable Pictures?

Some Providers Lie

Providers have to hide their faces in online ads.

Please don't identify me
Hidden identity

They don’t get in trouble with the law or shamed by society. Some providers use the need to be anonymous as a chance to post pix that are totally not real. Who can be sure, right? Wrong.

Unmask her!
Once she is unmasked, he will still go for it, whatever her appearance.


If you can get a guy in the door with the promise of guaranteed sex, he will more likely than not go through with the interaction. Men know they were tricked but lose the power to go against the sex drive. That’s thinking with the little head.


When the little head goes to sleep, and the big head resumes the thinking responsibilities, the men are angry about the deception. They vow never to return. They post bad reviews. So what? That’s what the provider thinks. Better one and done–than none.

Hooker Hacks #2

You can charge the most for a good or service when the perceived value of the product is highest. That is one of several reasons to get the money first. People never want to pay for a service after they’ve had an experience because they do not get anything after handing over their money. Without the dopamine rush of anticipatory pleasure,img_20181108_023405822874227794291028.jpg clients feel disappointed or even hustled in spite of the fact that you are merely following the terms of your agreement.  Recall the feeling of paying a credit card bill for bygone fun. You don’t want that credit card feeling to be his last impression of you.