I AM THINKING A LOT ABOUT LIARS–and the different forms of lies


Ancestry.com Results for this “adopted” orphan

Introducing Ifoundmybirthmother.com with stories and advice

True Words From a Predatory Working Girl About What She Does and Why

The actual words from an interview with a working girl who wanted to do unto others before they inevitably did unto her

PART I: I Know How To Beat a Polygraph…a ripple effect of an inmate subculture that condones sexual misconduct w/ staff in hopes of suing

I heard a lot about how the female inmates profited from their time at a privately run prison in Kentucky where they intentionally seduced the 18 year old guards, had them charged with rape, and won big settlements. It’s beautiful when a plan comes together.

Riddle: if you are honest about this one thing, no one will believe you about anything

Not everyone is what they do, but liars deserve to be known as such and do not waste time trying to get the truth

Lying for Practice–How to Become the da Vinci of Deception w/ YouTube clip

if you view lying as an art form then you would want to practice to become a master craftsman, the da vinci of liars, so to speak. here’s how one person mastered his art.

One Guy, Several Screen Names, How A Guy With A Split Personality Taught Me a Lesson For You!

Fake news extends to fake reviews in an age when everyone can speak with anonimity and no qualifications, even crazies with agendas

Get What You Want from a Provider By Doing This One Simple Thing

YMMV means your mileage may vary, or you may not have a provider as s willing to accommodate you as she appears to be with other guys based on reviews. Why do providers have different attitudes towards different guys? What’s the secret to getting on her good side? Read on.

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