Watch Updated”Racist Attack Caught on Film +Unpunished” on YouTube–yes the unseen Victim is a black woman. And there’s more!

if you see anything on the news about someone matching my description, remember this video!

A Honolulu Building, Century Center, Is Said To Be a Hotbed of Organized Prostitution. 2 Things People Who Care Need To Know: See Brief News Link

Century Center is a Honolulu building that is rumored to have ¿any seoerate brothels throughout its 29 or so floors and the police raided one Memorial Day weekend 2020. Two things the linked article didn’t mention.

I’ve spent time in prison so I’m going to give you a first person prison account in this category of posts, the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Harvard grad and convicted felon of a crime the state of Hawaii now acknowledges is no biggie so let’s expunge the record post conviction, I have a unique perspective about incarceration. This post discusses make abandonment of imprisoned women.

PART I: I Know How To Beat a Polygraph…a ripple effect of an inmate subculture that condones sexual misconduct w/ staff in hopes of suing

I heard a lot about how the female inmates profited from their time at a privately run prison in Kentucky where they intentionally seduced the 18 year old guards, had them charged with rape, and won big settlements. It’s beautiful when a plan comes together.


(Useful for anyone who wants to know how their loved ones got into the situation or how/why they stay in it) I have proof that my addiction expertise has been recognized and successfully applied for the benefit if others. And I’m not just referring to the 22 years I have spent in active addiction orContinue reading “I AM AN EXPERT In HOW TO BECOME AN ADDICT, INMATE, HOOKER, THIEF, AND SELF-SEEKING DRAIN ON SOCIETY”

Legal Status Diversity

A new social class of people is forming. The growing ranks of heroin addict are in this class, specifically those people who were incarcerated and now find themselves unemployable at the true level of their qualifications due to laws that turn all felonies and many misdemeanors into life sentence by closing off career paths to people with records. Here in Hawaii felons ate allowed to vote so we are not also disenfranchised in this state. But I can relate to losing many of the benefits of an ivy league degree