(Useful for anyone who wants to know how their loved ones got into the situation or how/why they stay in it)

I have proof that my addiction expertise has been recognized and successfully applied for the benefit if others. And I’m not just referring to the 22 years I have spent in active addiction or purposely getting away from active addiction.

When I was in prison in Hawaii for possession of $10 worth of an opiate, I worked with graduate social work students from the University of Hawaii who wanted to learn about designing program for inmates. I remember how self important I felt when I was summoned to the warden’s office to meet the seven students and receive my assignment if designing a non profit program civilians could bring into the prison and then apply for Grant money to fund the program. The program was therapeutic hula to help incarcerated women with trauma. I wrote a grant application that won $5000 from the Women’s Fund (any reader can research this fact, though my name so be mentioned. You’ll have to take my word for it that I write the application. How else would an inmate know this stuff?)

Still other grad students received school credits for putting I  hours at the prison as drug treatment counselors who interacted with me when I was part of a group doing in house drug treatment. In house means while in prison. It was easy for me to be successful at staying clean without drugs. But I still I almost failed and got kicked out of the program by fighting with other people who I thought needed to learn they would incur my wrath if I found out they had gossipped about me. I gave these grad students many priceless lessons about difficult people.

  I could get along with distant people, not peers, because I put on performances as a teacher or speaker. Back and forth Interactions were problematic but relating to others in one direction was my specialty. People liked me that way, and learned from me. Especially.the graduate social work students visiting the prison by invitation from the warden. They all got A’s in their classes–thanks to me! It came to me that I must have something to teach, at an advanced level.  I was obviously privy to knowledge that can only be obtained by interacting with me. Therefore it is not a stretch to call myself an expert, right now, in 2019. I have expertise in addiction, the thinking and practices of people maintaining their addictions, and the difficulties presented by society to ex-offenders/addicts/prostitutes. If you want to understand an incomprehensible relative , come to me. I have the answers to your questions.


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Legal Status Diversity


When I was growing up I did not like the word diversity, or, more specifically I did not like hearing that diversity was something an institution should seek. I thought it was code for affirmative action in its worst form–admission standards would be lowered to allow people who looked like me to be admitted to places that would have been beyond our capacity to attain. How wrong I was! When I attended my high status college I docovered that there is indeed another half, as privileged group whose existence I never truly grasped. Discovering how the other half lived was an education itself. In fact there are many other halves, people who differ from me in personal identification, race, gender, hometown. I propose acknowledgement of another type of diversity: people with different life experiences. I have been at one of the highest echelons of society as a top graduate of a prestigious university. I have occupied the lowest rung on the societal ladder when I was shackled to the next women, bring transported to jail pre-trial because I did not possess $1,100 in cash for bail and no one in my life had that kind of money. The people I met in both situations were fascinating. The lesson I learned, one of them, is that few people have had these experiences. As an educated Escort I had been around in such a way try hat made me unique. But I predict my singular status will change to that of a person who is prt of a group. The unprecedented opiate epidemic has cut a swath through populations that erroneously believed they were immune to something immoral like addiction. Now people should see the war on drugs is a war on US, not THEM. Addiction is bring repackaged as an illness, and not a badness. Yet society still utilizes the criminal justice system to deal we with drug addiction. A huge population cohort is emerging (I have no data but I am intuiting this claim) that will be locked out of the workforce due to felony convictions. Many more escorts will be educated as they head down the path toward a felony or after conviction. We are going to have to embrace a diversity of legal status in settings previously closed to ex offenders. Otherwise we will have a lot of disenfranchised people permanently stationed as a new underclass. The only “career” options will be minimum wage jobs or perhaps lateral moves to other stigmatized or perhaps illegal means of support, and sobriety won’t help United States get unstuck. What do we do, we who are without family money and who have screwed up too much to have attained independent wealth. The year 2017 draws to a close. You, my Reader you may not care on a personal level about the proliferation of felonies at the time of this writing. However, I am quite certain that before too much longer you, I mean we, will feel the impact