When it comes to sex I bet you think you’ve heard it all. A working girl received a request that will shock you!

I would bet money that you’d never guess the strangest request a working girl ever had and I’d bet even more money you’ll be honestly surprised no matter how jaded you are.

What does a trick ask after he gets rough with you and only pays you half your fee?

you’ll never guess the question asked by a truck who pays half your fee and gets rough with you.

Would-be Tricks Are INFURIATED if you don’t Give Credit

Isn’t it unbelievably presumptuous to ask, no demand, a stranger give credit? A few guys felt entitled to have a woman NOW. They’d get seriously angry when I declined. I used to say, “How about this? Why don’t you give me the money now and I’ll give my solemn word to see you next week.”Continue reading “Would-be Tricks Are INFURIATED if you don’t Give Credit”