An x-streetwalker should be wiser. They say you can’t con a con. Turns out you can con this one, if I’m the con. (A chronic tricked me out of $200 w/ a bank’s help)

When I say you can’t con a con, by the second use of the word con I mean convict. I was a convict and I usually am smarter than everyone I encounter, IMHO. I was in prison for possession of $10 of heroin. Not for stealing. Yes, I make the distinction between my choices about […]

These Pharmaceutical Companies Are Making a Killing Off the Opioid Crisis | The Nation The Most Honest Language I Have Read About Race and Addiction The above link is from an internet article from a mainstream news organization. The words anger me, but that’s not all they do to me. Despite the fact that the white face of the opioid crisis tends to elicit the sort of public […]

Not Everyone Likes My WorkAccording to the words of a Self-described “Ho.” *Inappropriate Content below

I never realized what should’ve been obvious: people like me might relate to me and hate me for it. I have included a text from a self described “ho”


  Clients confided in the Ivy League educated hooker–me. Why? I was smart enough to understand anything they shared. Equally important, my status as social outcast meant even if I told their secrets few would listen to me. Of those who listen, few of that small number would believe me.  Almost no one would care […]