X-hooker Life Hack #11–Do Not Ask if You Don’t Really Want To Know

People, especially women, ask questions without fully considering the next step. Most questions are not questions but statements. If you have to ask an unpleasant question about what he is doing, you know the answer. What you’re really doing is saying: “I know you are cheating. This is my next move.” If you declare yourContinue reading “X-hooker Life Hack #11–Do Not Ask if You Don’t Really Want To Know”

A man believes every word he speaks is gold, but can he listen to a woman?

Women have to say “no means no.” It is not just that men don’t listen to women when it most matters. Like when women say they may be near a bed but they don’t want to get in. Men do not admit to hearing the “no” as they wheedle, cajole, and even pressure for sex.Continue reading “A man believes every word he speaks is gold, but can he listen to a woman?”

Any Woman Who Does THIS deserves to be lied to by her man

If you ladies do THIS he will always lie to you and rightfully so, and this act of relationship sabotage is what most women do when they get the truth they demand. What is the action?

Riddle: if you are honest about this one thing, no one will believe you about anything

Not everyone is what they do, but liars deserve to be known as such and do not waste time trying to get the truth

“Rip Off Reports” About Providers Are Often Lies and NOT Helpful Info

You would think the rip off reports section of a site about providers would be a good source to find out which dishonest providers to avoid. Not always–not even often.

Lying for Practice–How to Become the da Vinci of Deception w/ YouTube clip

if you view lying as an art form then you would want to practice to become a master craftsman, the da vinci of liars, so to speak. here’s how one person mastered his art.

Rape Lessons To Teach Your Valued Females

I feel moved to share lessons I have learned that have kept me safe when I went up against men who wanted to hurt me and felt they had the right. I am still here so I know something and I want to pass the knowledge on bc it will never be irrelevant. Unfortunately.

One Guy, Several Screen Names, How A Guy With A Split Personality Taught Me a Lesson For You!

Fake news extends to fake reviews in an age when everyone can speak with anonimity and no qualifications, even crazies with agendas